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EmbraceAIRPlus products offer our patented features which allow you  to custom fit the back support to your back, easily.  Target the precise area you need  support then make it softer or firmer at your leisure.  First,  position the internal air bolster up or down to fit you and the seat you are using.  Then, by squeezing the bulb you can improve the position of your spine. (see demo) In this way our back supports are able to match your unique curve in your spine, precisely at the apex of your lordosis (your natural curve).  No other back support provides these benefits as easily and quickly as your new EmbraceAIRPlus.  We have been tested  and measured to be able to move the angle of your spine by up to 18 degrees!   The benefit of this is being able to fit you and change with you. Pain relief, pain prevention.



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EmbraceAIR Plus - In-store pick up only

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